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Pictish Kin


These are homepages for other Pictish reenactors.


Electric Eithni - Eithni ingen Talorgain

My livejournal blog which often includes Pictish content, but not exclusively. 


Pictavia - Broichan maqq Kynatt

A delightful man and Pictish scholar based in Caid. Be sure to check out his site as well!


SCA-Pictish on Yahoo! Groups

This is a community for people interested in Pictish history, especially as it relates to reenactment groups.





Pictish Resources


These are links to primary sources, collections of pictures of stones, and other solid resources.

See my reviews of various Pictish source books here.


The Pictish Chronicle

A nice page showcasing the text, with side-by-side translation.


Firth's Celtic Scotland

This page has an overtly religious focus and so includes a lot if information about Celtic saints, but it also includes extensive images of the Book of Deer, a copy of the Pictish King list and more.


A Consideration of Pictish Names

By the ever-wonderful Heather Rose Jones.


Archaeology Data Service

A free portal to several on-line journals, including the Proceedings of the Society for the Antiquities of Scotland.


CELT - Corpus of Electronic Texts

An online, searchable database of Celtic texts, many of them in translation.


ORB - Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

Many online, searchable texts from the cultures near the Picts in time and space.


Tarbat Discovery Center

Pictures of the Discovery Center, the finds from the archaeological dig, and information about the dig itself.


York Archaeology Department - Tarbat Discovery Programme

Actual archaeological reports from the dig at Tarbat. See my review of the book about the dig here.


Dark Isle

Some great pictures of Pictish stones and sites.


Ancient Scotland

More excellent photographs and information about extant Pictish Stones.


Nigg Church

Images of the church at Nigg and the Class II cross.


Hilton of Cadboll reconstruction

A carving by the artist Barry Grove - one side based on the known half of the stone, the other an artist's interpretation.


Hilton of Cadboll stump

The recently recovered base of the Hilton of Cadboll stone.





Pictland Online


These are homepages for Pictish societies and Pictish-interest websites.


Pictish Arts Society

The Pictish Arts Society is devoted to the study of the Picts and at one time had a rather nice journal. They have recently become active again after being essentially dormant for some time.


Picts on Wikipedia

The obligatory Wikipedia entry. Actually not too bad these days...



A look at the Picts in Orkney


Pictish Nation

The first Pictish site on the web, but lacking in depth and organization.





The View from the Tower


This is a collection of sites that provide information about traveling through what was once Pictavia and the immediately surrounding area.



A very nice museum in the Brechin Castle Centre. They have several Pictish stones on display in addition to a multitude of informational exhibits. They often host tours and special exhibits about Pictish topics. Certainly worth a stop on your travels!


The Pictish Trail

The Pictish Trail is a signposted driving tour through Ross and Cromarty, stopping at the major Pictish sites along the way. Caution! It overlaps significantly with the Whiskey Trail and detours are all too easy to make!


Aberdeenshire Council

A guide to the stones and sites in Aberdeenshire


Undiscovered Scotland





Travels in Strange Lands


This is a collection of sites that provide information about traveling through non-Pictish areas


Time Travelers

A wiki for people interested in traveling to places of historical interest (particularly medieval/renaissance sites) to post their reviews and tips





The Neighbors


These are reenactment groups who also have an interest in pre-modern Western Europe.


Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) - Western Europe 600-1600 CE


Regia Anglorum - United Kingdom 950-1066 CE


Kingdom of Acre