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Food & Feast

Lunch -

There will be a lunch break and local restaurants to visit!


Feast - 

The Feast Steward has announced that there will be two options for feast at Bardic Madness XVII on April 16th, 2016. There will also be room for those not feasting or who wish to bring in their own meal. Please contact Vitaliano Vincenzi if you have questions or to communicate any allergy or food restrictions.

Saints Feast

The Saints Feast will be the less traditional low feast for the more temperate members of society. This feast will feature a choice of soup, bread, and fruit.

Saints Feast will be $5 and is not limited. Preregistration is encouraged and will help the staff prepare enough food for everyone.

  • Gruyau: A gruel of barley and almond milk.
    Ingredients: Barley, almond milk, sugar, and salt.
  • Chiknes with the Marybones: A chicken soup cooked with beef marrow.
    Ingredients: Chicken, beef marrow, parsley, sage, savory, salt.
  • Cheese, seasonal fruits, and basic bread.

Sinners Feast

The Sinners Feast will be the traditional high feast and will include three full courses separated by entertainment from Fyt the Fourth. It will consist of two main courses followed by a sweets and subtleties course. For those guilty of Gluttony you will surely want to indulge.

Sinners Feast is limited to 60 and pre-registration is highly recommended. Preregistration is $12 through April 1st or $15 at the door if any seats remain.

A variety of grain-free breads, fruits, and other treats will adorn the tables to get things started.

Course the First

  • Wortes: A salad of greens and herbs.
    Ingredients: Spinach greens, beet greens, leeks, butter, salt, currants.
  • Funges: Mushrooms in broth and spices.
    Ingredients: Gode broth, mushrooms, onion, clove, pepper.
  • Peascoddes: A dish of peas cooked in milk & Ginger.
    Ingredients: Fresh peas, almond milk, ginger.
  • Applemoyse: A garnish for Poume d’oranges.
    Ingredients: Apple sauce, sugar, egg yolks, cinnamon, sugar.
  • Poume d’oranges: Pork meatballs made to resemble oranges.
    Ingredients: Pork, eggs, vegetable broth, mace, salt.
    Dietary Note: The kitchen staff is aware of many who cannot consume pork. We will make Poume d’oranges of beef for those with this dietary restriction. Pre-registration is required for this. Please contact the Feast Steward in advance.

Course the Second

  • Minces: A dish of Brussels sprouts.
    Ingredients: Brussels Sprouts, olive oil, salt.
  • Fricassee d’Chekyns : Fried chicken.
    Ingredients: Chicken, olive oil, egg yolks, vinegar, broth, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, salt, parsley.
  • Chyches: Roasted chickpeas.
    Ingredients: Chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, pepper, cloves, salt.
  • Stwed Beeff: Beef, parsley, onions, currants, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, red wine, red wine vinegar.

Course the Third

  • Migliacio: A crust less cheesecake.
    Ingredients: Ricotta cheese, sugar, flour, egg whites, butter, rosewater, sugar.
  • Tayloures: Current and date pudding.
    Ingredients: Almond milk, currants, dates, arrowroot powder, cinnamon, sugar, pepper, cloves, mace, salt, ginger.

Check for updates at Rokeclif's website -

Please help the feast steward plan! Pre-registrations are very much appreciated if you would like to sit feast! (see the main page for preregistration details). 


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