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Bardic Madness XXV Classes



Class Period I:

Middle English debate Poetry - Katerinka - The classic Middle English poem, The Owl and the Nightingale, is the earliest Middle English example of Debate Poetry. The challenge is to write a debate between two creatures on some subject to be determined. The iambic tetrameter, you will find, lends some spice to any argument. We will study the cultural context of the genre, and work to write scathing insults of which any bard would be proud.

How to Teach: A Class - Jose Sao Pacian - A look at teaching methods to help convey a skill, art or craft to a scholar seeking to learn the how tos. From burning pathways, to communicating concepts, from methods to brain hacks, this class will present techniques to improve teaching, and hopefully improve a class you would like to teach. Targeted for teachers of skills and doing things. This will be less helpful to those teaching a class intended to present research. No limits, no cost.

Man's speech must exceed his grasp, else what's a meta for. - Mistress Kudrun - A voices-on workshop challenging us to eschew flat, drippy, dull words or phrases in favor of zippy, evocative, multivalent ones. Kennings, anyone?

Class Period II:

The Three Song Set - Jose Sao Pacian - Ever have a situation when you've been asked to entertain at a campsite, or a gathering for a short time? This class discusses how to plan, how to think about putting contrasting songs together, and how to present a 10 minute mini concert of three songs. This skill becomes useful when deciding which of your arsenal you should pull out at the bardic circle when it's your turn to show your stuff! No limits, no cost.

Singing in Tounges - Svein Tunheim - Utilizing and integrating foreign languages into SCA bardic performances, as related by the experiences of a wandering Skald.





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