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Some years ago, based on a comment made by Duke Siegfried, I conceived the idea of and Arts and Sciences Encyclopedia. My vision for this project was a series of articles that would provide general, basic information about a craft and also provide some additional resources for those interested in further information about it. None of the articles were meant to be particularly long nor particularly in depth, but rather to serve as a simple introduction to the topic. Many gentles kindly stepped forward and offered articles on their topics of expertise, for which I am most grateful. I standardized their format insofar as possible and collected them into a large binder. However, this physical encyclopedia was of somewhat limited use because of its bulk and format. Below, these articles are now made available in an electronic format.


Please contact the original author with any questions, comments, or praise about the individual articles. Please contact me if you would like to suggest the addition of links or references or if you would like to write an article on your own topic of expertise. I am generally looking for articles aimed at the very beginner, to include at least a summary of the craft and its uses in the Middle Ages, a glossary of important words, a bibliography of key sources, and a few links to key online resources. Please find the preferred format and guidelines for content here.




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Special thanks to all the contributors. While I may have a broad knowledge of Arts and Sciences, that knowledge is not infinite, nor is my time. Without their hard work, I would not be able to offer this Encyclopedia for your edification.


And, of course, no compilation of the knowledge of the Knowne World would be complete without a nod to the other compilations that serve a similar purpose.


Cariadoc’s Micelleny

The first part of this is all recipes and the latter half is a collection of articles about SCA life, ranging from general tips, to philosophical comments, to plans for armor and furniture.


Stefan’s Florilegium

A little bit of everything, but it’s not always easy to wade through the miles of email posts, especially when you are looking for basic info and would really like a quick summary.


Atlantean MOAS links

This page aims to collect not only beginners’ information, but links to all the A&S pages in the Known World. Many are excellent, but there is no real quality control and sometimes, depending on the topic, you will find multiple links out of order. It is an excellent resource for furthering your studies but, as with most web sources, be cautious and double-check the research as needed.